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Bag machine usage and features
Nov 11, 2016

Bag machine uses and characteristics:

First, use:

Suitable for making garment bags, socks, bags, towels, bags, bread bags, jewelry bags, lingerie bags, electrical components, stationery bags bags, bamboo bags and other plastic film packing bag of wood products.

Second, the processed material: Bopp, PP, PE, heat shrinkable film and other hot composites.

Third, performance characteristics:

1, the whole machine adopts microcomputer control, stepping motor material-drag (with optional servo motor control system).

2, computer fixed-length step photoelectric tracking, accurate and stable mark is lost, auto stop, photoelectric control feeding.

3, automatic counting, counting, alarm and set the shutdown.

4, heat seal lace; automatic punching (hanging holes, vent), automatic coating.

5, roller gap correction, rectification, playing holes (need additional devices).

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