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Bag making machine machine settings determine the contents and the set value of
Nov 11, 2016

Now the bag machine is automated, as long as the associated parameter is set well in advance, bag-making machine can operate automatically in accordance with the procedures, ultimately efficient and accurate completion of high quality packaging production. Settings work only need bag making machine the machine can be completed, as long as can identify sets of content and modalities.

Bag-making machine is quite a lot to set on the stage, including temperature, speed, length, position, and so on, the temperature both the knife and base temperature, no one can ignore. Speed is the factors involved in more, main engine and auxiliary engine, as well as folding steps. The location here is actually the optical eye position and light eyes are located, ensure the accuracy of the bag.

Set the value of considering there are a lot of factors, from a knife temperature, thickness of film material, and machine speed, seal cutter, pressure and other factors are considered. Under normal circumstances, membrane is thinner, lower the temperature; the faster, higher temperatures; higher pressure, lower the temperature. According to this principle, usually can't be wrong.

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