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Bag making machine problems and solutions
Nov 11, 2016

Q: when you cross the Middle roller bag of wrinkles?

Answer: 1. Back cover the cooling effect is not good; 2. Intermediate roller pressure differential; 3. Air pressure is too large; 4. Excessive dust on the roller in the Middle; 5. Back cover temperature too high; 6. Floating feed roller pressure is too large, 7. Membrane installation tilt;

Second, ask former cutter rollers, film in one direction to go?

Answer: 1. Roller pressure is uneven and along the membrane to the stress direction; 2. Optical tilt to front top roller horizontal and (optical film to go out and optical film to go backward) 3. Punching knife not installed, easy to cock, 4. Film thickness on both sides is not uniform; 5. Cross uneven knife pressure, to go over there, 6. Membrane plate inclined; 7. Intermediate roller parallel;

Third, ask: small diaphragm membrane?

Answer: 1. White roller can not exceed the template, it is best to narrow 8mm;2. Pressure on the hammer; 3. On the film tilt hammers in the outgoing pressure; 4. Membrane plate inclined; 5. Roller pressure can not be too large; 6. Feeding tension on the difficult film; 7. Film tension is bad;

Four q: out of the bag long short?

Answer: 1. More dust on the optical head; 2. Optical sensitivity. 3. Tracking is not obvious; 4. Knife pressure too large; 5. Dirty things on glue sticks; 6. Floating feed roller pressure is too big, 7. Discharge of excessive tension, 8. Vertical cutter hot roll too tight; 9. Horizontal knife temperature too high wrinkle bag; 10. Pressure at the front and middle rollers, 11. Feeding and different step 12. Distance between photoelectric and cutters for too long, 13. Waiting time and heat sealing time is too large, 14. High speed;

V q: former cutter angle?

Answer: 1. Film diagonal; 2. Guide Combs are either missing or not straight; 3. Knife slant; 4. Their swords to the top 5. Bags should be first out of the portable hole 6. Bags as long as the diagonals are not;

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