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Development trend of bag-making machine and automation needs
Nov 11, 2016

Bag making machine equipment related to food, chemical, pharmaceutical, and many other major industry of the people's livelihood, in the back of our food supplies, is a large bag packaging machine market. According to bag-bag machines and packaging machinery industry association predicts that in 2010, the food value of total industry and packaging bag making machine industry will reach 130 billion yuan, while market demand is likely to reach 200 billion yuan. Bag making machines, as a branch of soft packaging equipment, already has huge market potential and good access to space.

According to understand, China of soft packaging equipment manufacturing only more than 20 years of history, it is in introduced abroad equipment of based Shang, through Digest absorption, from early only production 400 mm wide, and speed only has each minutes 20 meters of satellite type press, and dry type complex film machine,, to currently has can production speed 150 meters/each points, and width 1000 mm following of concave Board press, and dry type complex film machine and the various each points 100 paragraph above of automatic business bags machine, for domestic soft packaging industry of development provides has along the equipment.

At present, the size of soft packaging equipment manufacturing industry in China, formed the eastern region of Guangdong, Wuxi, Wenzhou, Zhejiang Haining area, XI ' an, Shaanxi Province, and several of the larger soft packaging equipment production base. China bag manufacturers in the past mainly to produce a narrow range of fully automatic bag making machine, foreign equipment is mostly imported Japan equipment. In recent years, with the growth in demand, it is a lot to introduce a large number of Japan's imported equipment. This means large gap between us and foreign advanced countries.

Therefore, during 25, China proposed to improve the soft packaging equipment manufacturing industry in China high technology and equipment requirements, with emphasis on high performance, high speed, precision, advanced automation equipment research and development technology puts forward new requirements, aimed at narrowing the technology gap at home and abroad, to the soft power of soft packaging equipment and packing equipment power.

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