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Domestic packaging machinery demand still has a big gap
Nov 11, 2016

Packaging machinery has now become one of the top ten industries in China's machinery industry. But in packaging industry constantly development of conditions Xia, also can see packaging mechanical industry in the contradictions heavy, many enterprise cannot should situation of changes, industry development thought only concept and situation development not phase adapted; technology State different capacity weak, process technology progress slow, new products development also no from essentially break imitation Institute track of situation, competitiveness not strong, economic growth, and benefits promotion still main by scale pull.

In addition, there are still some packaging machinery enterprise governance because of the extensive, fine control has not yet been achieved; market awareness, competition, awareness is not strong, service marketing, customer service and the development of a sense of urgency, responsibility is not strong, some packaging machinery business people are familiar with and use commensurate with market economy rules do not, and so on.

Facing many unfavourable factors, packaging machinery enterprise development is the most pressing, standing at a new starting point, new perspective to solve these problems, guided by the scientific concept of development, transforming the concept of development, strengthen independent innovation, increase market awareness. From a technical, service, and business management aspects of innovation and development, changed development concept, a full range of changing the present situation of Chinese packing machinery, strongly promote the development of domestic packaging machinery industry, in March at the same time to pay attention to the development trend of packaging machinery.

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