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Packaging design of fully automatic packaging machine characteristics
Nov 11, 2016

In recent years pale, but ultimately in every family purchased their new year bought several kinds of unique tastes, all ages was essential to the candy thing. When it comes to candy, its packaging have to mention. However, due to technical backwardness, candy packing machine industry in our country there is always a gap with the developed countries, the main problem is packaging equipment, less packaging materials, packaging quality is not high. In order to close the gap, and only take the road to innovation toward high-speed automatic packaging machine automation, machine and packaging design characteristics of direction.

At present, the packaging there are kinks in the form of candy, chocolate packing, pillow-style packaging, folding and packaging. Kinks-style packaging is one of the oldest forms, this form of packaging used for candy, not only can be done by high speed, fully automatic packing machines, or you can manually finish; pillow type package of internationally popular in the 70 's of the last century, from 80 's pop. Because of the universal automatic pillow packaging machine, most candies, chocolate manufacturers use pillow-style packaging. Folding packaging, chocolate products, candies suitable to make it wrap, wrap, Pack, this form of packaging for packaging equipment and packaging materials have higher requirements.

Automatic packaging machine for candy, chocolate, package has three main role is the product's luster, scent, shape and extend shelf-life; the second is to prevent microbial and dust pollution, improve product safety; the third is a fine product packaging can improve consumers ' purchasing desire and value.

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