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The New Trend Of Automatic Bagging Machine
Jun 12, 2017

The new trend of Automatic Bagging Machine
As the world's leading transmission and control technology experts, automatic packaging machine has been in China for nearly 30 years, regardless of its electronic transmission and control technology, linear drive and assembly technology, or hydraulic, pneumatic technology, etc. Chinese users are familiar with and accepted.
Thriving, automatic packaging machine began to continue to expand its business in China. During the 2007 China International Beverage and Liquid Food Technology Exhibition, the company for the first time to show a series of Chinese users in the field of packaging machinery personalized conveyor belt, with high safety standards of various types of pneumatic valves and packaging machinery decentralized servo drive, etc. Components and overall solutions.
"For more than 30 years, we have been providing custom solutions for components, modules and complete automation systems for food, beverage, pharmaceutical and packaging machinery manufacturers." These solutions are not only easy, "said Mr. Bai Minjie, Managing Director of Automatic Packaging Machine. Cleaning and maintenance, and consumer concerns are increasingly concerned about food safety issues, of which non-contact pneumatic assembly device can be completed in the vacuum state is difficult to implement the empty bag separation work, and a full set of automated drive equipment can optimize the dairy products rinse Nursing procedures, automatic packaging machine open transmission system can more effectively deal with bread and biscuits in the packaging process of debris problems.
Related person analysis, automatic packaging machine selection at this time to enter China should be carefully considered. The reason is: First, China's food and packaging machinery industry's rapid development. Data show that in 2006 China's food and packaging machinery industry sales hot, sales reached 82.838 billion yuan, is the highest growth rate in recent years a year. The second is due to the international food safety is highly valued, with high-tech food and packaging machinery market demand.
It is understood that, based on the development of food safety needs, the world began to attach great importance to and vigorously develop in line with safety and health requirements of the automatic packaging machine; at the same time to study the development of relevant safety and health standards, safety and health requirements as an automatic packaging machine and international standards The The purpose is: First, to reduce the automatic packaging machine operating process errors occur, the food processing process man-made or machine errors to a minimum; the second is to prevent automatic packaging machine in unsanitary conditions, may cause pollution in the environment, To avoid the occurrence of substandard products in food processing; third is to ensure reliable operation of automatic packaging machine to achieve safe production and cleaner production.
In order to achieve the design and manufacture of automatic packaging machine to achieve food safety and safety, developed countries on the automatic packaging machine safety technology research and application of great importance. The results of the study show that there are two ways to achieve: First, develop a perfect automatic packaging machine technical specifications; the second is in accordance with these technical specifications strictly organize the automatic packaging machine design, manufacture and application. In these technical specifications, the most important is the automatic packaging machine safety and health requirements, which covers the automatic packaging machine design and manufacturing, equipment selection and matching, equipment installation and verification and other links.
The use of high-tech to achieve an important way to achieve automatic packaging machine safety. At present, in the automatic packaging machine widely used in high-tech main organic electromechanical integration technology, automated control technology, digital intelligent technology, and has been through all aspects of food processing in the automatic packaging machine.
Compared with the traditional food processing technology, high-tech has greater economic benefits, social benefits and environmental benefits and other development advantages. The continuous application of various high-tech greatly promoted the national food industry's industrial development, replaced by the continuous production of intermittent production; by the specialized production instead of the general production; by large-scale production instead of small and medium-sized production; by the whole quality Control replaces the quality control of the final product. To achieve the food processing process of continuous production, professional operations, automatic regulation, full control and industrial management. Facts show that these high-tech applications not only ensure that the processing of products nutrition, safety, health, convenience, speed and reduce production costs, but also can improve production efficiency and product market competitiveness.

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