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Automatic Vacuum Packaging Machine How Its Configuration Is Particularly Special
Jun 12, 2017

Automatic Vacuum Packaging Machine how its configuration is particularly special
Automatic Vacuum Packaging Machine Wrap the product with a heat shrinkable film and then heat it, so that the film shrinks after wrapping the product. According to the type of machine is divided into drying machine crusher, oven-type shrink machine, frame-type shrink machine, gun shrink machine.

Automatic Vacuum Packaging Machine to use the first to shrink the product together, after the first pass when the film will fall on the items to be packaged, but this time the packaging out of the effect is not very good, so the first Erdao off after the effect is very nice. Such as food, beer outside the plastic film packaging, packaging out of the appearance of very drift ... ... shrinking machine can also be disinfected with the disinfection dryer, composed of complete sets of equipment package chopsticks.

Automatic Vacuum Packaging Machine configuration is mainly on the heat pipe, the whole insulation effect, which is a direct impact on the contraction effect, and the whole life of the key. The main heat pipe:

Stainless steel heating tube Automatic Vacuum Packaging Machine

1, quartz tube: the use of far infrared radiation direct heating, electronic variable speed, solid state voltage regulator temperature, stable and reliable;

⒉ stainless steel heating pipe: high-quality stainless steel heating pipe, the internal two-way thermal cycle of the wind, heat uniformity, constant. The use of electronic governor speed, you can adjust the transmission speed to ensure the smoothness of the transport and good contraction effect;

Product packaging after the product can be sealed, moisture-proof, anti-impact, suitable for multi-item wrapped tight packaging and pallet packaging; digital computer temperature control, temperature difference; stable and reliable, low noise, long life;

Quartz tube is the beginning of the development of the shrink machine used by the main, mainly to the main heat of stainless steel, the majority of customers use the certificate, stainless steel heating tube is 8-10 times the life of quartz tube.
Automatic Vacuum Packaging Machine with the first bag after the filling of the way, the next can be directly into the bottom of the bottom of the packaging bag discharge, so you can avoid dust lift. If the powder particles are extremely fine, easy to raise, but also in the upper seal plus dust collector sucker suction device to absorb a little powder to the pocket.

In addition, the Automatic Vacuum Packaging Machine uses a horizontal seal reinforcement seal. This design can completely solve the "counterattack" of this phenomenon, to the maximum extent possible to ensure the sealing of the seal, which effectively extend the shelf life of the product. Second, in the production of mixed materials (such as: that is, soup, ribs soup, chicken, monosodium glutamate, health products, spices and other powder products), manufacturers often encounter such problems: In general, every A brand of soup has its own unique formula, and the proportion of the formula is correct or not determines the taste of the pure as one.

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