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Analysis On The Performance Characteristics Of Automatic Packing Line
Sep 06, 2017

Analysis on the Performance Characteristics of Automatic Packing Line
        Automatic Packing Line is widely used in food, medicine, additives, chemicals, starch, pesticides, feed, powder and semi-fluid materials, quantitative packaging, production and application of the importance of self-evident. The quantitative packaging system of the powder material is more difficult to realize than the quantitative weighing system of other granular materials, which is determined by the physical properties and chemical properties of the powdery material. In particular, the density of powder material changes greatly, the stability is poor, some powder materials with moisture absorption, easy to stick material, fluidity is not good, which will affect the quantitative weighing system measurement accuracy. Powder products prone to dust on the work environment pollution, workers working environment is bad. Therefore, the quantitative determination of powder materials must take into account its nature, Automatic Packing Line in the delivery, metering packaging process must be based on its characteristics for targeted solutions.
A: precision adjustment of adaptive technology
Simply speaking, according to the customer packaging materials and packaging specifications, the measurement accuracy can be set accordingly, so as to meet the production needs of enterprises. The realization method according to the actual situation can be divided into the replacement of different caliber screw, program control software, multi-logical operation, increased sensitivity, measurement methods such as diversification adjustment, to improve the Automatic Packing Line material compatibility.
Second: density change detection technology
Density detection technology is based on customer site data, Xinxiang Quartet Automatic Packing Line specifically developed, mainly for some changes in density fluctuations in the larger powder materials, these materials with the traditional Automatic Packing Line packaging is easy to measure accuracy is not accurate enough Of the problem, for this situation developed a material change intelligent adaptation technology, real-time monitoring of material density coefficient changes, according to changes in material density at any time to adjust the variable parameters of the material to achieve Automatic Packing Line weighing packaging.
Three: dust explosion technology
This technology is mainly to achieve a number of customers in order to meet the special work environment, our Automatic Packing Line from the bottom of the design has been achieved dust and explosion-proof function, from the source to stop running the drip, we use more leading intelligent program control technology instead The traditional control system, to avoid the traditional system will produce the shortcomings of the arc, put an end to the dust environment, put an end to the danger of arc detonation, the largest increase in the use of Automatic Packing Line safety and reliability.
 The value of products on the market from what is reflected, nothing more than the product sales can see the market value of the product. Automatic Packing Line market is no different from the customer's desire for Automatic Packing Line will be able to see the Automatic Packing Line market charm is huge.
    The food industry, as one of the most important economic components in the world, is also a great test for the Automatic Packing Line. In the food industry, the Automatic Packing Line is the largest source of supply, accounting for 70 percent of the market Above the share. And then the electronics industry, the industry's Automatic Packing Line procurement and can occupy 20 percent.
    Global market, Automatic Packing Line market demand has been increasing, until the first half of last year had reached 15 billion euros in revenue. Although the financial crisis in 2008 to suppress the development of Automatic Packing Line industry, so that the development of Automatic Packing Line has been a certain impact, but the financial crisis for my domestic market is extremely limited.
    So my domestic market, the Automatic Packing Line to pick up the market is extremely fast. Today, the development of Automatic Packing Line has become the trend, no longer any event can block the development of Automatic Packing Line of the road.
 This is from today's Automatic Packing Line market type will be able to glimpse a little, and its new features updated faster, in view of the national government departments and consumers for food safety attention, Automatic Packing Line on this issue did not dare Showing a trace of slack, but to make the greatest efforts to improve health requirements.

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