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Automatic Bagging Machine Industry Future Trends - Towards Deepening Development
Sep 29, 2017

With the technology and the concept of digital intervention, Automatic Bagging Machine market has undergone several rounds of change. Today, the packaging industry is growing into an important part of the national economy, packaging materials, Automatic Bagging Machine areas are very rapid development.
At present, China has become the world's largest commodity production and export power, at the same time, the global eyes are also focused on the fastest growing, largest and most potential of China's packaging market. In this context, optimize the industrial chain structure, towards deepening the development of the industry will become the future trend.
The industry pointed out that the current China in addition to steel balers, pneumatic balers and some small automatic balers, semi-automatic balers have a certain size and advantages, the other Automatic Bagging Machine is almost fragmentation and scale, especially on the market demand Of some packaged packaging production lines in the world packaging market are several major Automatic Bagging Machine business group monopoly.
The reason is mainly China's Automatic Bagging Machine industry in the introduction of international high-end equipment, failed to carry out a good digestion, absorption, creation, failed to track analysis in the market, strengthen the independent innovation capability, grasp the market opportunities, so , Has been with the back of foreign enterprises, there is no competitive advantage, no market initiative.
The future of the packaging industry must accelerate the pace of transformation and upgrading to meet the rapidly growing market demand and increasingly diversified customer requirements.
At present, China's packaging industry is still in the packaging industry chain in the downstream, low-level packaging process more, the future development of the packaging industry needs to fundamentally adjust the industrial structure. This is not limited to the packaging materials itself R & D and application, but also in the intensive processing effort.
In the rapid development of Automatic Bagging Machine at the same time, the degree of competition in the market can be imagined, so many manufacturers, companies only continue to think of ways to change the shortcomings of others into their own advantages, continuous learning, innovation can be caught In the survival, so that their fierce competition is not eliminated and stable to enhance their market position.
A device from innovation or other anything else, are around to improve the quality of equipment, and create greater benefits, more production value in transit, which includes Automatic Bagging Machine safety issues, this situation is grim, resulting in this aspect The reason in addition to the management of the enterprise itself, the more the country on the management of the industry and all aspects of social constraints is not enough. From the surface phenomenon in the perspective of the deep-seated problems and factors worthy of the relevant departments ponder and attention. For example, in the industry management, enterprises engaged in food and plastic packaging are not included in the food industry health management areas, resulting in these enterprises in the production of food packaging plastic materials, equivalent to the production of industrial, agricultural and other uses of products, in health and safety There is no provision and control, such as the production environment, personnel health, the selection of raw materials, production process control, product testing and testing methods are not specific or specific requirements, safety and health in a runaway state.
In another aspect, the Automatic Bagging Machine pursues the integration of packaging processing. There are many new packaging technologies built on the new thinking of packaging. Packaging new thinking means that beyond the existing packaging technology and products, other related technology portfolio applied to the packaging to form a new packaging technology, which includes packaging and cutting technology, packaging and curing technology, packaging function protection technology, packaging and processing Combined with technology, Automatic Bagging Machine packaging function to borrow technology. In addition to the front of several said there should be some other technology, such as live fresh packaging technology. In addition, with the emergence of new packaging materials, some of the packaging process technology has also been a new change. Such as the emergence of self-stretch stretch stretch film, making the wrapping, shrinkage, strapping and other processes into one, the operation can be simplified and fast. This packaging and processing integration to solve a lot of processing technology, directly through the packaging mechanism to achieve the integration of packaging and processing, packaging more potential and effective.

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