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Automatic Bagging Machine Now And In The Future
Aug 04, 2017

Automatic Bagging Machine now and in the future
Strengthen the product structure adjustment, enhance the technological innovation ability, accelerate the pace with the international standards, is still the domestic Automatic Bagging Machine is an important task of the current development.
"Eleventh Five-Year" period, China's Automatic Bagging Machine industry based on "national strategy must compete, industrial development necessary, technical competition necessary, huge social needs" principle, from the industrial development point of view, a group of complex, high technical content Of the food and Automatic Bagging Machine, played an important role in the industry. A group of high technical level, a certain innovative ability of the fist products, not only to meet the domestic market demand, but also to participate in international market competition, selling at home and abroad. The development and application of these research results, comprehensively enhance the overall level of China's Automatic Bagging Machine industry, greatly reducing the gap with the developed countries.
Take the road of technological innovation, is China's Automatic Bagging Machine technology development of a major strategic choice. In recent years, China's Automatic Bagging Machine industry has basically formed a large and medium-sized backbone enterprises as the main body to scientific research units and institutions of higher learning as the support, production and research combined with the technological innovation model.
"Twelve Five" period, the state put forward the innovation and development model, improve the degree of standardization, to promote industrial upgrading to provide technical support. Adjust and optimize the product structure, change the mode of economic growth, enhance the ability of independent innovation. From the number of growth to the quality and efficiency to enhance the change, from tracking imitation to independent innovation-based change, from a single focus on technological breakthroughs to focus on technological integration changes.
Automatic Bagging Machine industry is also actively promoting the original innovation of Automatic Bagging Machine, integrated innovation and the introduction of digestion and absorption of new capacity, to promote independent intellectual property rights of product development. Survey shows that China's Automatic Bagging Machine is currently the main problem is not a manufacturing problem, but the design problem, about 80% of the problem lies in the design process, Automatic Bagging Machine industry using the reference design, independent design is very few, this design The way is difficult to inject the technical content and improve the design level, Automatic Bagging Machine industry research and design program implementation is not in place, the results of the level of more than the heavy market effect, resulting in some international level of scientific research and design results or national awards market is not recognized, Promotion is not going out. Therefore, the need to re-straighten out the scientific research design process, develop a new round of scientific research design standards, promote independent design capabilities, and strive to enhance the level of scientific research and design.
Development Trend of Automatic Bagging Machine Technology
⒈ mechanical and electrical integration technology: to improve the Automatic Bagging Machine automation and operational reliability and stability;
⒉ heat pipe technology: to improve the quality of Automatic Bagging Machine sealing, reliability and adaptability to the material, saving energy;
⒊ computer application technology: the computer control, testing, compensation, adjustment, display and other technology used in Automatic Bagging Machine to improve the reliability of Automatic Bagging Machine operation and the degree of intelligence;
⒋ basic supporting technology: supporting the electrical components, special pumps, valve products, sensors, electrical and electrical control components. Development of a variety of online or offline testing equipment, such as foreign body detection, weight review, metal detection, vacuum detection equipment;
⒌ modular technology: the use of modular design technology to improve the packaging production line and production system operating level;
⒍ design technology: to improve the Automatic Bagging Machine optimization design, reliability design, computer-aided design (CAD), the level of industrial design;
⒎ manufacturing technology: to improve the Automatic Bagging Machine in the material selection and application, processing equipment and technology, material surface treatment, quality inspection and other aspects of the level, and vigorously promote the use of CAD / CAM technology;
8. The use of machine vision for the packaging industry to provide effective protection of product quality;
9. Promote the use of digital control technology to promote the Automatic Bagging Machine industry and the depth of the integration of information technology.

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