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Automatic Bagging Machine Weighing Accuracy
Sep 06, 2017

Automatic Bagging Machine weighing accuracy
      Automatic Bagging Machine, a high degree of automation, packaging fast. In the case of rapid packaging, weighing accuracy of 0.2%, part of the product weighing accuracy of up to 0.1%, mainly depends on the characteristics of the material and the packaging speed requirements.
An Automatic Bagging Machine of the same dosing method, such as packaging materials for the more uniform rice and packaging briquettes (single grain quality difference), the latter close to the weighing target value, even the slow feeding situation , A piece of material will determine the overall accuracy of weighing. For the same kind of material when the package 800 packets per hour and 400 packets per hour, the latter is significantly higher than the accuracy of the former, but overall, the accuracy of Automatic Bagging Machine is able to guarantee the value of 0.2%.
        Automatic Bagging Machine itself will also determine the configuration of the weighing accuracy, Zaozhuang three-dimensional production of Automatic Bagging Machine generally use first-line brand at home and abroad, the cylinder using Taiwan's Yide off, solenoid valve selection Germany Festo, weighing control instrument for Canada , The controller for the Siemens, the load cell is used in the aircraft measured electrical products. The whole set of equipment configuration is high, stable operation, Automatic Bagging Machine weighing accuracy of 0.2% is also proven.
The rapid development of the food industry, the growing development of food packaging, granular packaging machine in the food industry in the application of a large proportion, greatly improving the production efficiency. With the use of Automatic Bagging Machine in the food industry, some technical problems also arise, where the failure to solve the confusion of the production enterprises, technical support and service is the top priority of packaging machinery manufacturing enterprises, a system to solve scientific methods is the key The Automatic Bagging Machine failure in the following areas, according to the problem to make an effective solution.
First, the material to enhance or feed the link, the elevator can not run to see whether the motor is normal, to enhance the bucket chain is not falling off and stuck, automatic feeding system sensor is blocked and damaged, there are problems repair replacement.
Second, the long combination of scales or particles of the four said the work is not normal, check the door motor and vibration plate work is normal, the scale bucket is smooth, computer control panel and computer motherboards whether the problem, material cutting is jam, according to the problem one by one Investigation, order to solve.
Third, the Automatic Bagging Machine troubleshooting, see the roll film and the molding device is gone, through automatic or manual adjustment to solve the seal is not strict cracking to see the horizontal seal and vertical sealing knife temperature and bite is normal, take the film is not normal check pull film The belt is not in place or wear is not excessive, the color of the electric eye whether the foreign body occlusion and detection angle is deviated.
 Automatic Bagging Machine on the general supply device from the hopper, feeding channel, the feeder, anti-blocking device, sorting alignment device and drive devices and other components, due to the physical and chemical properties of goods, natural form and packaging process requirements So that the supply device also has a variety of structural forms.
Automatic Bagging Machine is more commonly used in the gravity feeding device, the use of objects in the gravity from the high to the low flow, so the items are generally set in the high, so that along the set of fixed material to the low flow, to achieve the items Of the supply operation. In order to avoid clogging, the feed channel of this feeding device should be smooth and smooth, and set the necessary anti-jamming device.
The turntable feeding device can be used in the Automatic Bagging Machine. The material stored in the disc hopper is moved to the outer edge of the turntable under the action of friction and centrifugal force and arranged in the tangential direction of the disc to enter the outer Cut the feeding channel, this time through the transmission device to achieve the automatic sorting of materials arranged in the arrangement.
Chain conveyor and belt feeder can also be used with the Automatic Bagging Machine as its feeding device, but the former applies to the requirements of the packaging items delivery position is accurate, and in the delivery of certain packaging operations The latter is more suitable for the delivery of scattered items, lumps, bags and articles, and can be composed of multi-band delivery to meet the Automatic Bagging Machine a variety of packaging process requirements.

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