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Automatic Vacuum Packaging Machine In Use Of The Precautions
Aug 25, 2017

Automatic Vacuum Packaging Machine in use of the precautions
With the current shrinkage class packaging equipment has been widely used, the daily use of our Automatic Vacuum Packaging Machine should be used to understand and understand the matter, not only can play a role in protecting the safety of life also You can avoid possible operational errors happen.
First, the Automatic Vacuum Packaging Machine power is relatively large, in daily use need to pay attention to is in the wiring, please ensure that the power supply power must be greater than the nominal power of the shrink machine, or easy to burn the line or machine.
Second, the Automatic Vacuum Packaging Machine must be reliably grounded, brushing the insulating floor of the ground to lead a bottom line to protect the personal safety.
Third, the company guarantees that each of the Automatic Vacuum Packaging Machine sold at the factory there is a power cable connected to the end of the lead part of the power with the identification of the symbol, but also the correct use, in the course of the use of if the case Do not understand the problem suggested that the telephone consultation company or look at the machine distribution equipment instructions. Any illegal operation may lead to burn the machine or electric shock situation.
Fourth, when the machine voltage for the three-phase 380V power supply, you must also access the zero line, the standard three-phase four-wire system. Otherwise the machine can not work properly, and can easily burn the internal electrical parts.
Fifth, the Automatic Vacuum Packaging Machine must be installed horizontally, otherwise it will shorten the life of the heating tube; for the belt drive machine, the tilt installation will lead to the conveyor belt from the center, greatly reducing the service life.
Sixth, Automatic Vacuum Packaging Machine for more than three months, the shrink chamber should be high temperature line to check, according to its aging, as appropriate replacement.
Seventh, the machine work, the operator's palm and other parts are not allowed to contact with the operation of the machine parts, especially the internal temperature of the shrink chamber is very high, it is easy to burn.
Eighth, after the end of the packaging work, you should first turn off the Automatic Vacuum Packaging Machine heating switch, so that the transmission motor and fan motor to run for about 10 minutes, and then cut off the entire power supply.
Automatic Vacuum Packaging Machine is widely used, such as fruit, hardware, cosmetics, packaging and class, beverages, drugs, etc., especially for the safety of food is of great significance, food requirements of high-quality packaging equipment, Automatic Vacuum Packaging Machine The effect of sealing the product is good, can effectively avoid the product by external factors, to the product to create a better living environment.
Automatic Vacuum Packaging Machine principle: the principle is that the heat generated by the electric tube by the internal two large-scale impeller high-speed rotation, so that the heat becomes very uniform, and then, high-speed rotation of the heat from the machine liner in the hole, Through the furnace of the items for a full range of rapid contraction.
Automatic Vacuum Packaging Machine equipment features:
1, for the rules or irregular items of packaging, power consumption is small, the average power consumption per hour only 2.5kw, the efficiency is 0-25 package / minute, continuous operation for a long time will not lead to the surrounding environment is too hot, accounting for The area is only 1 square, only one person can complete the entire shrink packaging with stainless steel conveyor net, the height can be adjusted after the packaging products automatically output, shorten the time and double production for PVC, PP, POF and other shrink film, Designed for automatic packaging production lines for beverages, beverages, purified water, fruit juices, dairy products and the like.
2, with conveying feed, Li bottle, film, sealing, shrinkage, cooling stereotypes and other processes of the fully automated function.
3, Automatic Vacuum Packaging Machine using the world's most advanced film thermostat heat sealing technology, sealing clear, solid.
4, sealed rapid cooling structure, to ensure high-speed production conditions, the sealing strength is higher.

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