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Causes And Maintenance Of Vacuum Packaging Machines Do Not Seal
Nov 11, 2016

Vacuum packaging machines do not seal or sealing is not even likely to cause food decay, thereby adding to manufacturers ' production costs, and harms people's health, so there's no seal or seal is not even that issue is very important. Qingdao sensitive aviation summarized the points on the vacuum packing machine without sealing problems:

, Boost valve plug, causing flow can't come into the air which causes no heating or heating effect is not;

Second, the gap is not correct, non-professional is not able to identify this phenomenon when some sealed with the sealing line another part when not in general are clearance problems;

Third, the transformer is bad or unstable, transformers, if there is a problem would lead directly to the vacuum packaging machine is not heating;

Four contact bad, electric shock, check the transformer and heating rods at both ends of the contact is solid;

Five, heater break, vacuum packaging machine is not heating is the most common problem is the heater cut off heating replacement replace all vacuum packaging machine directly heating which ensures uniform sealing.

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