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Encounter Automatic Bagging Machine How To Do The Card Box
Aug 25, 2017

Encounter Automatic Bagging Machine how to do the card box
Automatic Bagging Machine is one of the indispensable packaging machinery in the enterprise after the packaging equipment, Ding industry brand Automatic Bagging Machine can be automatically transported, automatic paste tape sealing, can be used alone can also be used with automated transmission line can be saved Manpower to help enterprises to save unnecessary expenses, so that the machine to help enterprises fast, high-speed, safe to improve efficiency, daily use will inevitably be some minor failures, Automatic Bagging Machine is no exception, the following Ding industry Xiaobian to introduce you How about Automatic Bagging Machine box how to solve?
1, the width or height adjustment is too small
Automatic Bagging Machine in the delivery of cartons are manually adjust the corresponding width and height, but in the adjustment process because the operator is not familiar with the machine or the operation of the error, it will cause the phenomenon of the card box.
Solution: The best way is to put the carton on the work surface of the Automatic Bagging Machine, and then adjust the adjustment to ensure that the length of delivery.
2, cartons too light, can not move through the movement
To fully understand the performance characteristics of the device should be a comprehensive understanding of the advantages and disadvantages of its performance or directly say that the Automatic Bagging Machine works (want to know the detailed knowledge can look at this article), automatic packaging seal tape principle is by Automatic Bagging Machine to suppress the carton carton in the process of conveying the belt roller, in order to achieve the tape sealed to the carton. But this process if the carton is too light will appear in the case of no-load belt roller, it will also lead to the occurrence of a card box phenomenon.
3, tape is not cut off
This will lead to cutting the knife is not sharp and thus continue to tape, and tape cut will continue to lead to cartons in the Automatic Bagging Machine can not continue to transport.
Solution: Regularly clean the cutter or replace the cutter to ensure that the knife sharp. (Automatic Bagging Machine in the use of a period of time, the cutter will be attached to a lot of tape above the debris and dust, so the need for timely cleaning)
Automatic Bagging Machine is a tape on the carton to seal the mechanical equipment, the machine can be automatically transported, automatic sealing, automatic cutting tape, for folding Automatic Bagging Machine, you can also automatically convert the cover, but No matter what kind of Automatic Bagging Machine, and tape are inseparable, then the maximum Automatic Bagging Machine can be installed a wide tape?
Automatic Bagging Machine tape width factor has two, one is the cutter, the second is the tape guide roller. Cut the knife, as the name suggests, it determines the width of the tape that can be cut off, but it does not mean that the wide cutter must cut the tape. In fact, slightly narrower of the cutter can also be cut off some of the tape, but this will cut in the process of leaving a little tape, compared to the overall beauty. Therefore, it is recommended for the need to cut a wide tape or to communicate with suppliers, replace the larger blade.
Also need some friends can understand the width of the tape is determined by the tape guide roller. In fact, the tape from the tape Automatic Bagging Machine tape rolled out on the carton, the whole process is not directly paste, but after a few guided belt roller will be very flat after the export, the tape will be bonded in the carton above, After bonding, there will be a corresponding tape guide roller to smooth the tape on the carton. So the width of the tape to a certain extent will be determined by the tape guide roller.

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