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How Does The Automatic Bagging Machine Work?
Jun 20, 2017

How does the Automatic Bagging Machine work?
 Automatic Bagging Machine is the ideal equipment for cement factory bag filling, used to complete the automatic packaging of cement, can also be used to package other flow properties of powder materials, such as fly ash, cement additives.
Automatic Bagging Machine works: packaging with the cement material from the bucket elevator to the vibrating screen, the screen after the debris in the cement, into the middle storage. The cement material stored in the middle bin is adjusted by the screw gate, and the impeller feeder is fed evenly through the flap lock ash valve, chute and soft connection into the rotating cylinder of the packing machine. The cement of the rotary cylinder is separated from the bottom of the cylinder into the hopper, and the high-speed operation of the impeller enters the gray mouth and is filled into the cement bag. The rotation speed of the cylinder adopts frequency conversion speed regulation, the speed regulation range is 0.45 ~ 4.5 rev / min, which can be adjusted according to the working speed of the workers. Rotary cylinder material level control, by the floating material level control mechanism of the open, stop to achieve, to ensure that the tube has been there is enough material. Rotating the cylinder to achieve a fixed point of the bag, fixed point out of the bag, and the material within the cylinder evenly distributed. The whole filling process for the mechanical and electrical control, in addition to artificial bags, the cement bag pressure bag, the mouth open, filling bags, weighing measurement, fixed-point bags and other functions can be automatically completed. Eight mouth each have an electrical control box, box equipped with computer control system. The control box is powered by the supply slip ring.
Filling process is divided into four cases:
1, normal filling bag
When the bag is more than 5kg, the computer control system as has been inserted, the mouth continued to open, filling.
When the bag reaches the set target value (such as 50kg), the computer control system through the solid state relay control of electrical components, so that the mouth closed. To the bag position, close to the switch sensor, so that the electromagnet pull, roller and card block off, the cement bag automatically dropped bags to complete a filling cycle.
2, no bag or no material when not filling material
When the bag is not inserted or no material, the bag weight of less than 5kg, the computer control system as no plugging, the mouth closed, to prevent the gray tube flash.
3, the filling process occurs when the bag, the computer control system through the solid state relay control of electrical components and the cylinder, so that the mouth closed, stop filling bags.
4, the second filling: When the filling does not meet the set target value (such as 50kg), but to the pocket position, the control system processing metering signal, the output signal: the solenoid does not pull, Not for the second filling. When the set target value is reached, the solid state relay controls the electrical components to close the feed port. To the bag position, close to the switch sensor, electromagnet pull, roller, card block off, cement bag automatically dropped bags, complete the whole process of filling.

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