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Problems In The Development Of Automatic Packing Line Industry In China
Aug 25, 2017

Problems in the Development of Automatic Packing Line Industry in China
China's packaging industry, although the development of fast, great achievements, but compared with developed countries, both in product variety, technical level and product quality are very different. Developed countries have been computer control, laser technology, artificial intelligence, optical fiber, image sensor, industrial robots and other high-tech maturely used in Automatic Packing Line, and these high-tech in China's Automatic Packing Line industry has just begun to use, Automatic Packing Line product performance, the appearance of a certain degree of quality gap, at the same time, China's Automatic Packing Line industry development is also a clear existence of the product structure of the fragmented situation.
From the product structure, China's Automatic Packing Line varieties of about 1,300 kinds, compared with the actual demand is still short of 30% to 40%, supporting a small number, the lack of high-precision and large products, can not meet market demand; product quality gap performance In the product performance stability and reliability is poor, the appearance of modeling is not beautiful, rough surface treatment, many components of poor quality, short life, low reliability, affecting the overall product quality; from the enterprise situation, the domestic Automatic Packing Line industry lack of leading Enterprises from the product development, we still basically stay in the imitation stage, self-development capacity is weak, research funding accounted for only 1% of sales, while foreign up to 8% to 10% of the enterprise, The
In general, China's Automatic Packing Line compared with the international advanced products, product development, performance, quality, reliability, service and other aspects of competition are at a disadvantage.
It is understood that, based on the development of food safety needs, the world began to attach great importance to and vigorously develop in line with safety and health requirements of the Automatic Packing Line; the same time to develop the relevant safety and health standards, safety and health requirements as an Automatic Packing Line and international standards The The purpose is: First, to reduce the Automatic Packing Line process errors occur, the food processing process man-made or machine errors to a minimum; the second is to prevent Automatic Packing Line in unsanitary conditions, may cause pollution in the environment, To avoid the occurrence of substandard products in food processing; third is to ensure reliable operation of Automatic Packing Line to achieve safe production and cleaner production.
In order to achieve the design and manufacture of Automatic Packing Line to achieve food safety and safety, developed countries on the Automatic Packing Line safety production technology research and application of great importance. The results of the study show that there are two ways to achieve: First, the development of a sound Automatic Packing Line technical specifications; Second, in accordance with these technical specifications strictly organize the Automatic Packing Line design, manufacture and application. In these technical specifications, the most important is the Automatic Packing Line safety and health requirements, which covers the Automatic Packing Line design and manufacturing, equipment selection and matching, equipment installation and verification and other aspects.
The use of high-tech has become an important way to achieve the safety of Automatic Packing Line. At present, in the Automatic Packing Line widely used in high-tech main organic electromechanical fluid integration technology, automated control technology, digital intelligent technology, and has been throughout the food processing in all aspects of the Automatic Packing Line.
Compared with the traditional food processing technology, Automatic Packing Line of high-tech has greater economic, social and environmental benefits and other development advantages. The continuous application of various high-tech greatly promoted the national food industry's industrial development, replaced by the continuous production of intermittent production; by the specialized production instead of the general production; by large-scale production instead of small and medium-sized production; by the whole quality Control replaces the quality control of the final product. To achieve the food processing process of continuous production, professional operations, automatic regulation, full control and industrial management. Facts show that these high-tech applications not only ensure that the processing of products nutrition, safety, health, convenience, speed and reduce production costs, but also can improve production efficiency and product market competitiveness.

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