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Talk About The Correct Shopping Tips For Automatic Vacuum Packaging Machine
Jul 25, 2017

Talk about the correct shopping tips for Automatic Vacuum Packaging Machine

Vacuum pump is the main part of Automatic Vacuum Packaging Machine, he is good or bad directly affects the quality of Automatic Vacuum Packaging Machine, and so on Automatic Vacuum Packaging Machine should pay special attention to the quality of the vacuum pump, when the choose and buy as far as possible choose import vacuum pumps, generally a good Automatic Vacuum Packaging Machine can have the following:

1. Material used for Automatic Vacuum Packaging Machine: now there are cold plate cabinet and stainless steel cabinet for spray paint, and 304 stainless steel is the best used for vacuum machine packaging machine. The Automatic Vacuum Packaging Machine of stainless steel cabinet is more expensive because of its high material cost.

2. The difference in Automatic Vacuum Packaging Machine: good electrical components are not easy to be bad, and different electrical components are different. Such as our company's Automatic Vacuum Packaging Machine in shandong, the cost of a switch is 30 multivariate, and there is 3.5 yuan for the similar parts of a product, the quality is, of course.

3. The reasonableness of the installation of the link design of each part of the Automatic Vacuum Packaging Machine has a certain effect on a good Automatic Vacuum Packaging Machine.

4. Automatic Vacuum Packaging Machine vacuum pump has a certain influence, using the environment is different, the stand or fall of packaging are different vacuum pumps, would emerge, mainly on the service life of the vacuum pump and the difference on the extraction rate. The maintenance of vacuum pump is also the key link, good vacuum pump is also very easy to bad.

When the Automatic Vacuum Packaging Machine is in power supply, the grounding must be reliable, otherwise the personal safety will be affected.

2. Metal parts cannot be close to the sensor head.

3. Frequently check the cooling water level. When used frequently, check once a week and add cooling water. It is best to use unconductive cooling water.

4. Check the pipe frequently, and the joint should not leak or leak. In order to prevent the pipe from freezing due to too low temperature, the water tank should be injected with antifreeze fluid.

5. Maintenance should follow operation sequence.

6. Maintenance and maintenance of professional staff.

7. Do not open the engine box after startup, and check maintenance must cut off the total power supply.

8. The machine design has overload and overheat protection system.

Cleaning and maintenance:

Automatic Vacuum Packaging Machine regularly clean the surface of the machine, bottom plate and bottom die board, groove, upper die internal pressure plate and positioning rod. The lower die skateboard, the pressure rod bearing, eccentric wheel and guide column, guide rail and other transmission parts regularly add butter to ensure the machine performance.

Packaging industry in our country is undergoing a transformation and upgrading, facing the broad space for development, our Automatic Vacuum Packaging Machine to develop new technology, can in the increasingly fierce market competition and the rapid growth of the market, a place, and facing the future development trend, towards this several Automatic Vacuum Packaging Machine can:

1. High production efficiency

The production efficiency of Automatic Vacuum Packaging Machine has been developed from several parts per minute to dozens of pieces, and the production of hot forming and filling - sealing machine can reach up to 500 parts per minute.

Ii. Automation

The rotary vacuum chamber packaging machine produced by a Japanese company has a high degree of automation. The machine has two turntable with filling and vacuum, and the filling turntable has 6 stations, which can complete the feeding bag, feeding, filling and presealing until the package is delivered to the vacuum turntable. The vacuum rotary table has 12 stations, namely 12 vacuum Chambers, complete the vacuum and seal until the finished product output. The production efficiency can reach up to 40 bags/min, mainly for the packaging of canned soft food.

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