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The Demand Of Automatic Bagging Machine In The Internet Age
Jul 13, 2017

The demand of Automatic Bagging Machine in the Internet age

With the rapid pace of People's Daily work, the enrichment of nutrition and health food, and the enhancement of environmental protection awareness, there will be many new demands on food and its packaging. This includes the development of new technologies and products such as vacuum packaging, vacuum packaging and aseptic packaging for local conditions, so as to combine them with quick-frozen packaging. Focus on current and future, can confirm that the following three types of automatic packing machine is suitable for food sales packaging good models, Automatic Bagging Machine and can be comparable to call has a long history and rich strong vitality of leading models, namely vertical bag (box) molding filling sealing machine, horizontal bag (box) molding filling sealing machine, horizontal seam wrapping machine.

According to the analysis of group technical thought, the commonality and similarity between these three are more, which can help to unify the development, and other special differences, Automatic Bagging Machine should be chosen according to local conditions. Through the comprehensive comparison, the main characteristics of the columns are as follows:

Packaging objects - with almost everything (except for air liquid-containing materials) in three machines, only the third limitation.

Packing materials - all of them are composed of reel - type composite film, and the second one can be placed in the second one, and the third one can be placed in the other.

Packaging form -- the second variety is more, such as three-side sealing bag, four-edge sealing bag, double bag, self-supporting bag, brick box, roof box, etc. The first kind of house is second, the third kind is small, usually with pillow bag mainly, some can be made canister, Automatic Bagging Machine four side seal bag and so on. Package size - the first bag is 10 mm in width, and the length of the bag can be adjusted in a limited range. Both bags and bag length can be adjusted in a limited range, and the third bag can reach more than half a meter.

Sealing type -- a number of new types of the new type, such as the upper and end flat sealing of the tear or tear line, the combination sealing of the insert box, the screw cover in different parts, etc.; The other two are monotonous.

Transfer movement - both continuous motion and step-type motion. Structure combination, fully embodies modular junction, especially the second horizontal layout easier to configure functional modules, such as vacuum, filling nitrogen), and high degree of mechanical and electrical integration, has greatly enhanced diversity, universality, multifunctional integration, formed a series of products.

In Automatic Bagging Machine of rapid development at the same time, one can imagine the market competition is fierce, so many manufacturers, only by constantly trying to transform the faults of others for their own advantages, continuous learning and innovation to survive to the margins of society, let yourself not to be eliminated in the fierce competition and stable improve their market position.

A device whatever from innovation or other else, are around to improve the quality of equipment, create more interests, in turn, more production value including the automatic packing machine safety problem, the grim situation, the cause of this respect in addition to the management of enterprise itself, more is the management of the state of the industry and the social aspects of restriction is not enough. The deep-seated problems and factors that are reflected in this surface phenomenon deserve consideration and attention from the relevant departments. Is in the business management, for example, is engaged in the food plastic packaging enterprises not included in the food industry and health management category, in these enterprises in the production of food packaging plastic materials, Automatic Bagging Machine equivalent to produce products, industry, agriculture and other USES without any regulation and control in health and safety aspects, such as the production environment, staff health, selection of raw materials, production process control, product inspection and testing methods are not special or specific requirement, safety and health in a state of out of control.

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