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The Problem Of Automatic Packing Line Fault Handling
Jul 05, 2017

The problem of Automatic Packing Line fault handling

The Automatic Packing Line is widely used in packaging equipment, which belongs to the whole assembly line operation, saving time and energy. Recently in our customer service telephone contact with some new problems about Automatic Packing Line, through layer upon layer analysis of technical personnel, summed up the points, provides the following solutions, the following five technical analysis can be used for reference in the consumer:

1. The automatic operation is not filled

1. Failure phenomenon: after the machine is started, the bottle and other movements are in place and not filled.

2, possible causes of failure: low and lower floor photoelectric position error; 2. Lower potential lower limit photoelectric damage; 3. Equipment parameter setting error; 4. The photoelectric doesn't hold the bottle; 5. The filling function is opened and the material is not available. 6 cylinder cylinder not typed.

Steps and methods:

First: diving function during the process of the automatic operation under the condition of open, check that the lower limit of a photoelectric and photoelectric position - when diving cylinders dropped to the lowest position, mobile photoelectric descend floor, ensure descend floor photoelectric indicator. If the photoelectric indicator is not to be lit, it is necessary to check whether the photoelectric correlation line of the lower and lower floors is normal. If the circuit is normal, the photoelectric has been damaged and needs to be replaced.

Second: check whether the parameters in the touch screen are set incorrectly when the automatic operation is running, and check whether the filling head is set correctly in the parameter setting. Check whether the buffer filling amount exceeds the target filling amount. Check whether the initial irrigation delay is too long; Check whether the filling capacity of filling measurement page is set.

Third: when the automatic operation is in place, check to see if there is a bottle in the photoelectric place of the bottle, adjust the position of the photoelectric switch, and ensure that when it is automatically run, there is a bottle in the bottle.

Fourth: view the alarm interface, Automatic Packing Line liquid level lower limit alarm - if you don't call the police, see the cylinder material adequacy, if not enough, will check whether the liquid level detector circuit is abnormal, if the line is normal, check whether the contact of the PLC corresponding to the damage, if the PLC contact is normal, then damage level detector.

Fifth: Automatic Packing Line check whether the cylinder cylinder is typed after the automatic operation is in place. If did not play the card bottle cylinder, manual test for a job card cylinder valves, if you don't work, check whether the pressure is normal, the relevant lines if fall off or loose, if the above checks are no exception, check whether the contact of the PLC corresponding damage, if the PLC contact normal suggests that the body is damaged.

How to customize the Automatic Packing Line is the problem of edible oil manufacturers have been discussed, with the development of edible oil plant, the filling machine available in the market can not meet the requirement of the enterprise product filling, in order to solve this kind of circumstance, some manufacturer of Automatic Packing Line provides new sales measures, that is can according to customer demand, to provide the custom of Automatic Packing Line. So what are the requirements for customizing the Automatic Packing Line?

First,Automatic Packing Line we need to make sure that the customer needs to fill the material with automatic packing line. Or we might want to Automatic Packing Line is not used to filling of edible oil, but different kinds of edible oil, may need to Automatic Packing Line are also different, so you must know what what kind of cooking oil filling automatic packing line.

Second, Automatic Packing Line we need to know that customers need edible oil filling. The filling effect of each Automatic Packing Line is different. We only know the desired effect of the customer, so we can customize the Automatic Packing Line.

3. Determine the filling specification of edible oil. The filling specifications of Automatic Packing Line are 1L, 1.5l, 4L, 5L and so on, which is very important for Automatic Packing Line, which is a must know before Automatic Packing Line.

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